What is Blood Pressure and What Causes !

What is Blood Pressure CausesBlood pressure refers to the pressure on blood vessels arteries through the blood when blood is pumped by heart to the rest of the members of the human body. Blood pressure is created by taking two sizes and is usually measured as follows-120/80 mmHg. The top number (120) shows a pressure vessel due to very short pulses of heart arteries, and is called pressure systole. Bottom number (80) shows the pressure when the heart rests between the pumping, and so-called pressure diastole. The best to measure the blood pressure is when you take a break and in a State of sitting or lying down.

The pressure of blood in one's life varied . Babies and children normally have the blood pressure is lower than that of adults. Blood pressure is also influenced by physical activity, which will be higher at the time of conducting the activity and lower when resting. The pressure blood in one day is also different; most high in the morning and lowest at night while sleeping.

There are two kinds of blood pressure


When blood pressure is known to higher than usual on an ongoing basis, that person is said to have high blood problems. People with high blood should at least have three blood pressure readings in excess of 140/90 mmHg at rest

Systolic pressure
Systolic blood pressure is the pressure at the time of contraction of heart muscle. The term is specifically used to refer to arterial pressure is the most time of a contraction in left ventricular hypertrophy of cardiac lobe. The contraction is called the span of systole.

On the format of writing numbers, blood pressure, systolic pressure is generally the first number. For example, blood pressure at 120/80 figures showing the systolic pressure on the value of 120 mmHg.

Diastolic pressure
Diastolic blood pressure is the pressure when the heart is not being resting. The heart rate curve diastolic pressure is the pressure, the blood which is described in the range between the heart rate graph.

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